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Learning the Basics
How it works

How it all works

Welcome to your new everything, organized. Maia is the technology backbone of BHS, allowing us to work as efficiently as possible and provide the best support for our agents. 

In a nutshell, you can think of Maia as a telephone switchboard - for every kind of request or action you make on the site, we can route that request to the right team and more efficiently track our support services, thus ensuring you have all the help and accountability you need to work seamlessly.


On the back end, it organizes all your requests into queues and task lists for the staff, and with all our media and vendors plugged into the system, the entire company can operate as one proper ecosystem.

In short, it's bringing us to the head of the pack when it comes to modern standards of customer service, technology, and enjoying our daily work!

Request Layout

The Request Page Layout

A common theme across the whole site is the “Request Page layout” for virtually all your requests. While it may look daunting at first, the information is organized and quite simple in the end.
case request layout.png

The best way to understand it is in three sections:

  1. The “Highlight Panel” on top, where you have all your key information about the request

  2. The “Request Detail Panel” on the left, where you enter in all the key information about this request

  3. Your “Chatter Feed" on the right, where all communication around this request happens

case request layout copy.png
The “[Postcard] Information” tab is where you fill out all your collateral details. Double click any of the fields to edit, and don't forget to save your work!
pc details.png
Switch tabs on top to go back and forth between postcard details and selecting the template and images you'd like to use.
pc details copy.png
"Chatter" is like an internal email system - look here for all communication between yourself and the staff, everything from revisions to manager approvals!
chatter pc.png

What is Chatter

What is Chatter

Chatter is the name for the internal messaging system within Maia. The best way to understand it is like a Facebook feed, or the comment section on your favorite publication.

To give you some examples, with Chatter we can handle all the back-and-forth of revisions on collateral requests, including uploading and sharing files, tagging relevant people, and receiving notifications.

chatter 1.png

We can also use it for large group communication. For example, we will use Chatter for the new version of the “Opt-In List” - Instead of a reply all email system, you can subscribe to the Chatter groups you want to be a part of (this is called BHS Community, for reference).

Chatter is located on almost every single request page, so you always have access to the people and information that are working on that request item.

case request layout copy 2.png

That's all for this section! You can navigate to other helpful areas in the help center here:

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