Company Resources

Company Resources

Company Resources is where you'll find all the relevant back-office features of Maia, as well as some fun new features like BHS Community (the new opt-in list) and Advanced Apps for those are seeking a technological edge.

Broker Services

The Broker Services center should be familiar - only organized in a dashboard instead of over email.
The Broker Services Request function is for those who still want assistance filling out forms. With all the documentation at your fingertips, it probably takes longer to fill out the form and have an admin do it than just doing it yourself, however the support staff is always here to help should you want it.
Select the document you'd like help with from the drop down menu and fill out the appropriate information to submit your request. 

Electronic Commission Slips

Very soon you will have the ability to submit your commission slip through Maia. The information stays the same, however the process just became lightning quick. With a built-in approvals system, your commission slip could go from your finger tips to the manager and then to accounting team in a matter of minutes. 


Quick Access Documents

We've placed the most frequently used documents in the Broker Services dashboard so you have one-click access to everything you need. Very soon you will be able to edit the documents right here in Maia and send to your client. For now, you can download the document in several formats for your convenience. 

Click into the document and select your region. Download the document right from the page.

IT Assistance


Just like the Marketing Center and Broker Services, you're able to connect with the IT team through Maia. Simply navigate to the IT Assistance tile to submit a request.

You can fill out relevant information about your issue, as well as indicate the best way for them to reach you if you're on the move.

Document Library


Every document you need is stored in the Document Library. While there are quick-access documents in other pages, this is the master file system. The layout is easy to navigate, and all the documents have thumbnails for reference, however if you know the name of what you're looking for you can always look for it through the Global Search Function and get there more quickly.

BHS Community


Communication is everything, and there are many benefits to a strong community besides just culture. With BHS Community, we now have an internal communication system designed for ease of use and minimal cluttering of inboxes. Instead of the traditional "Opt-In" email list, you can subscribe to Community Groups to participate in those conversations. 

It operates similar to the way a Facebook Group works. Post your updates in the board and everyone who has their notification settings on will receive an update. Considering some of the biggest sales have come from internal referrals, this is a great tool to take advantage of!

You can adjust your notification preferences at the top of the group page or in your account settings, and decide which groups to subscribe to.

Recent Press


If you want to stay current with recent press around the company and your colleagues (and hopefully you!) there is a Recent Press module that is updated regularly.

You will see a short description of the article, the URL for quick access. Any agents that are featured will get a mention in the tabs on the right hand side.

BHS Directory


Use the BHS Directory to look up the contact information of any agent and member of the company. If their information is on file, it will show up here with their contact info. Use the local search in the top right of the layout to quickly find who you're looking for.

Advanced Apps


For those who want to get ahead, the strategy team is always thinking of new apps and services for you to try. These are programs vetted by the team, making sure that they are useful to you and making them easily available so you don't have to spend time searching yourself.

In some cases, we may even get a discounted membership. Be sure to check with our team for promo codes on new apps.

General Requests


Sometimes you may have a request that doesn't fit a particular function in Maia. That's why we have General Requests! Feel free to submit a general request and the staff will help you decide where it should land. The process is the same as any other request format.

That's all for this section! Use the menu below to navigate to other topics of interest.