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10 Unique Coffee Shops Located Near BHS Listings

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Coffee is a big economic deal. Thanks to 62% of Americans, the coffee market is valued at $48 billion and is one of the most valuable legally traded commodities in the world. Coffee first became popular in the states after the Boston Tea Party, when making the switch from tea to coffee became somewhat patriotic. Today, in the city that never sleeps, coffee culture is synonymous with the urban experience — there are 3,389 coffee shops that fall under “essential retail” to prove it.

Since March, we’ve watched coffee shops reinvent themselves to preserve a routine and provide a sense of normalcy to many New Yorkers. As shops continue to re-open with innovative solutions, theres no time like now to support your local coffee shop.

From complex flavors to unique design, these are our favorite coffee shops located within a 10-minute walk from a BHS listing. Don't forget to thank your barista!

Lenox Coffee is bringing great coffee and good vibes to Harlem. Located on the corner of Lenox Avenue, the shop offers a unique line-up of seasonal Single Origin Drip Coffees, Single Origin Cold Brews and Espresso Blends. The shop itself blends rustic charm with modern touches, creating an oasis for creativity and collaboration.

Voted the best coffee shop in the nation by The Daily Meal, Everyman Espresso is second to none when it comes to coffee and hospitality. The direct-trade shop sources coffee beans from all over the world, bringing complex flavors from Kenya, Honduras, Ethiopia and Nicaragua to New York.

Next door to everyone’s favorite chicken-and-waffle joint lies restauranteur John Seymour’s newest venture, Ludlow Coffee Supply. Sounds of jazz and hip-hop set the atmosphere in the old school retro-themed shop where skilled baristas brew Kenyan drip coffee and playful espresso’s from their proprietary blend roasted in Red Hook. And in the words of GrubHub, the snack game is strong.

Abraço, meaning “hug” in Portuguese, has been a landmark in the East Village since opening their doors in 2007. Drawing on Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern traditions, the mom-and-pop coffeehouse’s cold-brew is done in small batches, while drip is prepared via individual pour-over. And let's not forget about the signature Brazilian espresso that has been named the best in Manhattan by Bon Appetite!

Black Fox Coffee Co is a specialty coffee company and café that sits inside a 1930s-era Art Deco skyscraper in the heart of New York’s Financial District. With a focus on variety, guests can expect a quality selection of coffees roasted from the Brooklyn-based Parlor, Wisconsin's Ruby, Portland's Heart49th Parallel from Vancouver, and Melbourne's Small Batch.

Known for its quality coffee, this Bogota-based shop sits in an industrial brick building previously home to a warehouse in the working waterfront district in Williamsburg. As a supplier to to iconic restaurants like Eleven Madison Park and the recently opened Crown Shy, customers can enjoy the many flavors of Colombia including pomegranate, lemongrass and caramel.

Focusing on precision and a dedication to quality, Variety Coffee Roasters works with producers to serve their guests with the rarest and most unique green coffees. The famous Lucky Shot Espresso is comprised of single-origin coffee that is rotated with the coffee growing season—look for sweet well-rounded notes, highlighted by flavors of strawberry, peach and toffee.

Flavor and body is what you can expect from the daily freshly grounded coffee that’s sourced from the finest farms at Hidden Grounds Coffee. Traditional chai, espresso's and other standard options are available, but the creative picks are what keeps customers coming back to HGC. If you're feeling bold, try the Iced Turmeric Latte or the Purple Haze Cold Brew.

Described by owner Matt Moinian as “anti-Brooklyn”, this coffee shop is perfect for the “maximalist”. Aside from the over-the-top decor, Felix Roasting Co. is know for creating concoctions that defy logic (and taste), but end up being an unlikely treat for your tastebuds. Recently praised by TimeOut as a “standout” is the Deconstructed Espresso Tonic, which comes in a Bordeaux wineglass filled with tonic water, non-alcoholic Campari reduction and lemon-basil leaves.

Sourced straight from the farmers that grow it, Stumptown’s coffee offers complex flavors from Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Recently added to the list of plant-based options is the Nitro Frost, a refreshing combination of Nitro Cold Crew, hand-made vanilla syrup and Oatly milk. If you find yourself in this shop, don't miss the work of prolific artists that can be seen in the ceiling tile and the hand-painted custom espresso machine.


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