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CEO Bess Freedman to Host First Event of Fordham REI’s "Titan Talks" Series

In the first installment of Fordham Real Estate Institute's (REI) new "Titan Talks" series, taking place on Feb 13, Brown Harris Stevens CEO Bess Freedman will host an insightful conversation with inaugural guest speaker and founder of The Corcoran Group, Barbara Corcoran. The event will be held at the McNally Amphitheater at 5 p.m., with a Q & A session to follow.

“I’m thrilled to have Barbara Corcoran kick off this series because she is such an industry trailblazer and will share her journey in her own words, including the failures as well as the successes." --- Bess Freedman

As one of three planned events in the series, attendees will be able to gain first-hand expertise of renowned leaders within the real estate industry. During the hour-long discussions, speakers will discuss how to navigate the real estate world, the steps they took toward finding their own success in the industry, and an analysis on the future of the market.

The "Titan Talks" series is, according to REI EAC chair and CEO of Clinton Management Ryan O'Connor, of profound significance to those beginning in the field, stating that " It's really special to invite those just beginning in this field to authentic conversations with titans who will share real and relevant stories. It's likely our students would not otherwise get the chance to learn from their idols in such a tangible way. I’m really proud to be a part of offering this at Fordham.”

“I am honored to be the inaugural guest speaker a the Fordham Real Estate Institute’s Titan Talks with Bess [Freedman]. The industry continues to evolve rapidly, and it is more important than ever to spread information and knowledge to benefit the next generation of real estate professionals.” -- Barbara Corcoran

In December of last year, Freedman was named to Fordham’s Real Estate Institutes’s Executive Advisory Council (EAC). In collaboration with the EAC, Freedman works diligently to improve the experience of the student body, and helps to raise awareness of the Real Estate Institute’s events, held at Lincoln Center in Manhattan and West Harrison.

"In life – if you can see it, you can be it. Everyone needs to see a path, and this is an opportunity for tomorrow’s real estate leaders to envision one.” --- Bess Freedman, Brown Harris Stevens CEO


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Wonderful! training for the next generation of crooks.


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