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Communicate Virtually - Open Houses and Live Streaming with Clients

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In keeping with the mandate guidelines and in accordance with other REBNY members, agents should not be showing properties, holding open houses, or taking out clients during this time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be a virtual real estate agent!

Communicating virtually has never been so easy and with the rest of the world at a standstill, now’s the time to break through the noise as the expert you are. The platforms listed below are great ways to live stream listing tours and conduct meetings with clients, agents, managers, vendors and other people essential to your business.

Facebook Live

Bring your viewers behind-the-scenes in a way that feels different than any other form of media. Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time and your followers can receive notifications when you go live, so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time.

Instagram Live

Consider it a real-time Instagram story! Once a live video has ended, it's no longer visible in the app, unless you share a replay of it to your story. Your live video will appear at the front of your followers’ story section.


You can now live stream from the main YouTube app on mobile. After a mobile live stream ends, an archive of the stream is created on your channel, and you have the option to edit the privacy setting (including setting it to private) or delete the archive.


Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing services company that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Sign up here and create your own meeting in a few clicks.


Group FaceTime makes it easy to chat with multiple people at the same time. You can start a Group FaceTime right from the FaceTime app or from a group conversation in the Messages app.

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1 Comment

In today's digital age, communicating virtually has transcended beyond casual catch-ups or office meetings, venturing into more niche markets like real estate with open houses and live streaming with clients. This innovation mirrors the convenience found in the best random chat apps, where platforms like Chatrandom have simplified global communication. Chatrandom's seamless ability to connect users with strangers worldwide through free webcams and video chats at no cost highlights the potential of virtual communication in real estate. By adopting a similar approach, realtors can offer virtual open houses and live streams, making property viewing accessible to potential buyers regardless of their geographical location. This method not only broadens the market reach for sellers but also offers an unparalleled convenience to…

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