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El Fish is NYC's Hottest New Seafood Spot

NYC's newest seafood hotspot, helmed by acclaimed Chef Julian Medina, is El Fish Marisqueria on the Upper West Side! The restaurant is located just a few blocks away from Lincoln Center and has already been generating interest among UWS locals and visitors alike. Click here to watch our exciting visit to El Fish.

"We've been telling all of our clients, whether they live in New York or from out of town, that this is the place to come when you get to New York City!" --- BHS Agent, Richard Rosenthal

Offering seafood fare with a vibrant Mexican twist, El Fish has a creative menu that is sure to appeal to a variety of taste preferences.

A personal favorite of Mark D. Friedman, the yellow fin tuna tostada paired with black truffle salsa bursts with unbeatable flavor that can't be beat. It is one of many delicious dishes offered on their menu.

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1 Comment

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