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Explore Sunset Park, Home to Brooklyn's Chinatown

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Brooklyn's Sunset Park is more than just a bustling, family-friendly residential neighborhood---it is a thriving cultural enclave that is is home to the largest Chinatown in NYC outside of Manhattan.

The area became popular among Chinese immigrants during the 80s, when a boom in immigration caused many to settle there as an alternative to Manhattan.

Located along 8th Avenue, Sunset Park's Chinatown is definitely worth a visit. Being on the vibrant, active street makes you feel like you've been transported to a street in Beijing. The street is rich with semi-outdoor markets selling the freshest produce, poultry, meat, and fish.

Eighth Avenue is home to countless Asian-owned businesses, as well as the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association's Central Headquarters.

It is the site of several communitywide events, including the Brooklyn Asian-Pacific Heritage celebration, hosted by the Brooklyn Community Improvement Organization.

There are also multiple, authentic restaurants and bakeries worth trying. From pho and dim sum to bubble tea and Chinese barbecue, there is no shortage of delicious, multicultural options to try. A neighborhood favorite is Roast 28, known for its succulent pork, duck, and chicken, all served from an open kitchen at extremely affordable prices.

For a sweet treat, stop by any of the multiple bakeries along 8th avenue, such as Fortune Bakery, for a Hong Kong-style egg tart.

The dessert has been popular in China since the late 19th Century. It's a flaky pastry filled with a light, creamy egg-based custard. It's a deliciously simple pastry that's great to eat on the go.

Once you've experienced the culture and flavors of 8th Avenue, take a stroll down one of Sunset Park's many picturesque, tree-lined streets.

Formerly an industrial area, Sunset Park is now popular among multiple ages and demographics, from young adults and families with small children to seniors. The neighborhood features homes and apartments in the classic Brooklyn brick-front and brownstone styles.

Despite its location in Brooklyn, Sunset Park offers a relatively quiet reprieve from the activity in greater Brooklyn and New York City. As you pass through the tranquil neighborhood, you'll notice children playing in the streets, parents walking with strollers, and locals relaxing on their stoops.

The neighborhood is also home to many parks, including Sunset Park itself. Perched atop a high hill, the park offers unmatched views of lower Manhattan, expansive green spaces for picnicking and laying out in the sun, and several tennis and basketball courts. There is even a Sunday market with dozens of local vendors selling food, handcrafted goods, and more.

Learn more about Sunset Park. To see our current listings in the neighborhood, click here.

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