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Navigating COVID-19 in the Digital World

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Like us, big companies are transitioning to offer their customers more of what they need - information. Here are some resources these well-known companies have added to their platform to keep us up-to-date and entertained while in quarantine.

o Instagram launched a Co-Watching Feature as a great new way to help users connect via video chat. Users can search through Instagram and share content with groups, enabling participatory engagement. Instagram also launched Stay at Home Stickers to encourage social distancing.

o Facebook’s Business Blog has been providing regular updates on the platform’s response and policies. The page is a an overview of how Facebook is providing access to accurate information and how they plan to support relief efforts and keep people connected.

o Pinterest’s Curated Board highlights the latest news with easy-to-read WHO health tips. As usual, the platform is purposed to inspire and bring like-minded online browsers together through anything from cooking recipes to tips on how to keep kids busy at home.

o Twitter’s Brands Leading the Way topic page includes a variety of interesting content from brands believed to be “doing it right”. See what your favorite brands have been up to.

o Social Analytics company NetBase Quid formed a Microsite to discover consumer and marketing intelligence and display trending topics related to the coronavirus and its impact on industries.

o LinkedIn’s Blog features links you can use to stay informed, how to get connected from home, advice on how to navigate through today’s job market and more.

o TikTok doesn’t appear to be drawing in only millennials anymore. The video-sharing social networking service is now hosting Daily Live Streams to entertain users. Sports and entertainment properties are flocking to the network to maintain a connection with fans.

While it might be tough to find the light in news related to coronavirus, healthcare professionals have turned to social media to inject some positivity and keep spirits high. See what they've been posting!

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Alice Larson
Alice Larson

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