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Relax, Rejuvenate, and Recover at BATHHOUSE in Williamsburg

At one point, bath houses—also known as Turkish baths, or hammams— functioned as the central social centers for high society. They were places where people could meet, share ideas, and relax together. While perceptions of bath houses have shifted over the years, BATHHOUSE is redefining the experience, bringing the concept back to its roots with a modern and wellness-focused twist.

BATTHOUSE in Williamsburg, Brookyn
Photo by Adrian Gaut

BATHHOUSE was founded in 2019 by Travis Talmadge, who has a background in real estate and investment sales, and Jason Goodman, an expert in hospitality. Both longtime fitness and nutrition junkies, Jason used to take Travis to bath houses to recover after workouts. The two eventually yearned for an opportunity to improve the city’s hammam scene.

“We were interested in developing a better bath house. Millennials and Gen love to work hard and play hard, but they often don’t prioritize their physical well-being, let alone dedicate time and space to it.” – BATHHOUSE founders Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman

BATHHOUSE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photo by Adrian Gaut

Talmadge and Goodman envisioned a more hygienic, wellness-focused alternative to the standard bath house, one that was chic, contemporary, and conducive to social interactions. Thus, BATHHOUSE was born.

“While a lot of New Yorkers have been to bath houses, a lot of them have not," said Talmadge and Goodman. "We felt like Williamsburg was a good spot to launch the concept because of the creative nature of the community; they’re much more open to trying new things.”

Photo by Adrian Gaut

Situated in a converted soda factory in Williamsburg, BATHHOUSE’s design draws inspiration from Williamsburg’s industrial past. Several eye-catching architectural features can be found throughout the space, including original exposed brick and standing chimneys.

The ambiance is as serene as one would expect, with large windows and ceilings providing a bright, open airiness that relaxes the visitor immediately upon entering.

Guests can purchase a day pass to gain access to:

  • Three thermal pools: a cold plunge, hot pool, and a thermoneutral pool

  • Various steam rooms and saunas, including a Scandinavian “Dry Sauna” and a “Starlight Steam Room,” which features a replica of the night sky in the overhead lighting design

  • Heated marble hammams

Locks and lockers are provided, as well as slippers, towels, dining robes, waterfall showers, and personal care products. Guests are only asked to bring a bathing suit “and some good vibes.”

BATTHOUSE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photo by Adrian Gaut

There are several expert treatments offered, including a full body massage; a “Bathhouse Pro” massage, designed for muscle recovery; and a Prenatal Massage for those in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.

The “Hammam Scrub” is a circulatory, exfoliating full-body treatment that will bring out your skin’s natural glow.

BATTHOUSE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photo by Adrian Gaut

Guests can also enjoy facials utilizing Dermalogica skincare products, as well as a private 30-minute “Calm Soak” complete with herbs, essential oils, and bath salts.

As if BATHHOUSE’s multitude of hospitality offerings wasn’t enough, the onsite restaurant creates healthy, appetizing dishes to complement the overall experience.

Photo by Anthony Do

The restaurant is exclusive to BATHHOUSE guests, so no reservations are required. Menu items range from savory Coconut Cashew Curry and Wagyu Skewers to sweet treats like Honey Butter Pears with crème fraiche and Maple Chocolate Cookies.

BATHHOUSE opened in 2019 to widespread success, eventually closing four months later due to the 2020 shutdown. Nevertheless, it is now open and as vibrant as ever. Talmadge and Goodman recommend visiting during the week for a more “chill” atmosphere, and during the weekend for a more social environment.

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Jan 17, 2023
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