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Take a Stroll Down Worth Avenue, Palm Beach’s Luxury Shopping Destination

Palm Beach - Worth Avenue

A trip down Worth Avenue is a truly a luxurious experience. It features Mediterranean-style architecture, fine dining, and premier shopping that could compete with the likes of Rodeo Drive. The avenue is ideal for a refined day trip, an afternoon passeggiata, or an intimate evening out.

A Historic Shopping Destination

Established in 1913, Worth Avenue was one of the first developed areas on Palm Beach Island. It is also credited with bringing Mediterranean-style architecture to the region, which is still reflected today.

Raptis Rare Books - Palm Beach - Florida
Photo by Raptis Rare Books

Originally conceived as a residential street, Worth Avenue began to incorporate shopping venues throughout the 1940s. European landscape features, such as tiled fountains and hidden courtyards, were also added and still contribute to the avenue’s ambiance. In addition to specialty boutiques—such as Raptis Rare Books--many internationally recognized luxury brands can be found on Worth Avenue, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and local favorite Lilly Pulitzer.

Fine Dining

No shopping trip would be complete without necessary fuel, and Worth Avenue certainly delivers on options for delectable cuisine. For instance, Le Bilboquet—already popular amongst New York City dwellers and in the Hamptons—offers a menu of bistro classics such as tuna tartare and its signature foie gras.

A historically significant restaurant that some credit with the creation of the Bloody Mary, Ta-Boo is a continental American restaurant with vintage décor that has hosted Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, and other renowned figures of the past and present. The bistro and bar also showcases a retractable roof, allowing for dining under the stars.

Ta-Boo - restaurant - Palm Beach - Worth Avenue
Photo by Ta-boo

For a more casual daytime dining experience, visit Café Via Flora. The charming garden patio restaurant features traditional Tuscan dining staples prepared with only the freshest produce and highest-quality meats.

Art, Culture, and More

Worth Avenue offers plenty to do in addition to shopping and dining. For instance, visitors can take a historic walking tour of the street to learn more about its illustrious history and significance to Palm Beach’s overall development.

Palm Beach

Art lovers will also appreciate Worth Avenue’s galleries, including the John H. Surovek Gallery, a fascinating place to explore American paintings, drawings, and prints of the 19th and 20th centuries.

For more things to do in and around Worth Avenue, visit

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