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This is What a 2,000 sq ft Terrace on Billionaire’s Row Looks Like

Private outdoor space is the most precious commodity when it comes to New York real estate. This renovated penthouse at 152 W 58th Street, surrounded by a 2,000 square foot outdoor wonderland, takes it to a whole other level.

The two bedroom, two bathroom co-op is set adjacent to the world’s richest on Billionaire’s Row, just one block from Central Park. From a private landing and entry, the residence is split between entertaining and private spaces.

The northern section of the home is where you’ll find the open concept kitchen, outfitted with the latest premium appliances, and the living/dining areas separated by a contemporary double-sided fireplace.

The southern half of the penthouse is dedicated to privacy, featuring an Owner's Suite with spa-style windowed bath, two custom closets, and a private entrance to the rooftop terrace. The guest bedroom next door also has its own entrance to the rooftop.

Now, onto the 2,000 square foot wraparound rooftop garden terrace.

Fully landscaped, irrigated, and punctuated by dramatic lighting, the terrace includes a heated pergola, outdoor kitchen, bbq grill, teppanyaki grill, beer taps, dual-zone wine fridge, entertainment center, outdoor lounge, recreation 'lawn,' additional outdoor living spaces, and remote-controlled awning system. If that wasn't enough, the rooftop terrace has even more space with wood flooring already installed, waiting for the next owner to add their personal touch, from a private lounge to a rooftop garden or even an outdoor gym.

To learn more, visit the listing and contact agent Matthew Melinger.

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1 Comment

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