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Ways You Can Help Syria and Turkey During this Devastating Time

Updated: Feb 16

The unfathomable tragedy of the earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria has had a catastrophic impact on both countries and beyond, with thousands facing immeasurable loss and helplessness.

While the world still reels from the tragedy, many organizations have sprung up to take action, giving everyone the opportunity to extend a helping hand. Here are five you can support.

The International Rescue Committee

The organization is currently matching donations up to $1.5M in response to the urgent need for emergency services in both countries.

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Syrian-American Medical Society

The society is in need of donations and currently has members deployed and helping victims at several Syrian hospitals.

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Save the Children

Donate to the organization's Children's Emergency Fund as they actively work to provide shelter, food, and clothing throughout affected areas in Syria and Turkey.

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A Turkish humanitarian relief foundation that is currently putting together food bundles for victims and survivors.

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Project HOPE

The organization is already at work providing needed medical supplies and aid as part of their earthquake response initiative.

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