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Find Out Where to Cast Your Vote in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida

Voting day is officially upon us! Now is your last chance to vote and make your voice heard in the midterm elections. With hundreds of polling locations available throughout the Northeast and Florida, we've compiled a guide to help find the one nearest to you.

New York City

Despite how large NYC is, the New York City Board of elections has a helpful tool that lets you find the nearest precinct to you based on your address, regardless of borough. You can also view a sample ballot, so there aren't any surprises when you enter the voting booth!

New Jersey

The official State of New Jersey website has a comprehensive voting portal for residents to find their polling locations. There are also features that allow you to track your ballot in real time and double check to ensure your registration is up to date.


Connecticut's statewide precinct finder is the easiest way to find your closest polling location. Visit the Secretary of State website to enter your first name, last name, town, and date of birth. From there, you'll be able to view your registration information and nearby polling locations.


While various cities and counties in Florida have their own resident voting tools, Vote411 has a statewide locator and resource center for all Floridians. You can even verify which forms of ID are required to vote.

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