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Signs That Your Local Housing Market is Overpriced

If you're contemplating a change of scenery by way of a new home and the phrase "sticker shock" comes to mind, which wouldn't be too surprising since 2019 saw the U.S. median home price jumped 6.2% with an all-time high of $258,000, you may be looking in an overpriced market.

Do Current Mortgage Rates Mean it’s an Ideal Time to Buy?

In spite of what you may think, the outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on the economy might make now a surprisingly good time to purchase Real Estate. According to data collected by Freddie Mac (who started tracking mortgage rates in 1971), current 30-year fixed mortgage rates are sitting at 3.33%. Although the rates have stabilized slightly in the past few weeks, this is still an all-time low rate, making it an advantageous time to apply for a mortgage.

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