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2023 Amenity Watch: Zoom Rooms

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

As new developments welcomed residents in 2022, and people increasingly settled into hybrid work routines, a small but mighty amenity stood out as one of the most in-demand spaces within new condominiums: Zoom rooms.

These multipurpose rooms are equipped with soundproofing, ergonomic seating, strong Wi-Fi, and charging stations. Outside of regular business hours, Zoom rooms can double as spaces for tutoring, private socializing, or personal study.

During quarantine, many up-and-coming developments transformed and optimized existing spaces into these rooms, underscoring their predicted longevity of demand.

Here’s are two newly developed condominiums in New York City with Zoom rooms:

At Vandewater, located at 543 West 122nd Street in Morningside Heights, pre-existing study rooms were transformed into Zoom rooms during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and are now a permanent asset to residents.

200 Amsterdam, a stunning new condominium residence in the heart of the Upper West Side, features two separate Zoom rooms, which are frequented in and out of business hours.

While these buildings transformed their spaces to accommodate the demand for intimate Zoom rooms, other buildings are flexing their amenity spaces to accommodate remote work schedules and virtual meetings.

“Buildings that were designed before 2020 are repurposing spaces to accommodate Zoom or Zoom-style rooms, and buildings we are working with that are now approaching the design phase see this as an important and valuable amenity,"--- Hunter Frick, Chief Marketing Officer, BHS Development Marketing

In addition to the work-friendly spaces within 200 Amsterdam and Vandewater, VU, located at the intersection of NoMad, Flatiron, Gramercy, and Kips Bay, features a spacious lounge that can be easily converted into a personal work space.

Another building with strong potential for a Zoom room is the SELENE, with a conference room that is the perfect space for hosting a board meeting or a Zoom call for one, as it is outfitted for every business need.

Whether you need a peaceful and quiet space to work, or a soundproof room to simply hop on a Zoom call, Zoom rooms function as the perfect workspace and are worth considering when narrowing down your ideal list of amenities.

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The ability to host virtual meetings and connect with others seamlessly has become a necessity in today's world.

The article's discussion on the rise of Zoom Rooms as a desirable amenity in luxury properties is spot on. As remote work and virtual meetings continue to be a significant part of our lives, having dedicated spaces for adds tremendous value to any property.

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