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5 NYC Homes Showcasing the Pantone Color of the Year

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The 2022 Pantone color of the year is special for many reasons. In the wake of all the change and transition we’ve collectively undergone in the last two years, the color—a vivid blue-violet with red undertones called Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938)—symbolizes creativity, gratitude, and embracing a new tomorrow.

Very Peri is sure to be in high demand this year, particularly for interior design. For your inspiration, here is a selection of Brown Harris Stevens listings that already showcase the color—be it on furniture, walls, art, carpeting, or décor.

995 Fifth Avenue #15THFLR

995 Fifth Avenue #15THFLR  - Upper East Side - New York City apartment

Located on the Upper East Side, this apartment's eye-catching rug and matching chair exude the boldness and creativity Very Peri is meant to represent.

50 Central Park West, 8/9A

50 Central Park West, 8/9A  - Pantone apartment

The charming co-op's Very Peri-esque furnishings add a pop of color to the space that balances vibrancy with subdued elegance.

318 West 20th Street

318 West 20th Street - Chelsea - Manhattan house

The vibrant color is also perfect for decorating children's rooms, as seen in this Chelsea townhome.

447 East 57th Street, PH

447 East 57th Street, PH  - Midtown East, NYC

Purple hues have long been associated with royalty. With its bold use of violet, the lavish foyer of the penthouse at 447 East 57th Street channels regal elegance blended antique charm.

755 Park Avenue, 6C

755 Park Avenue, 6C - Upper East Side - Lexington - home NYC

Sometimes, one or two accent pieces are all that is needed to bring a space alive, as seen in this Park Avenue apartment. Both the painting and complimentary bouquet stand out against the otherwise neutral space while maintaining the overall design theme.

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