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7 Homes with Inviting Solariums, Greenhouses, and Sunrooms

Nothing brings the outside in like a greenhouse, solarium, or sunroom. Perfect for creating an indoor garden or a natural retreat with protection from the elements, these spaces can be used year-round. From the "Florida rooms" of the south to the glass solariums of NYC, here are seven homes on the market that make indoor-outdoor living as easy as possible.

Upper East Side, NYC

This Upper East Side condominium offers an immersive outdoor escape, all in the comfort of home.

Upper East Side, NYC

With a dining area that doubles as a solarium, Penthouse B at 130 East Avenue lets you enjoy natural light throughout the year.

Water Mill, NY

This Water Mill home's "Florida room" features eye-catching checkered tile, as well as a fireplace for the colder months.

New Canaan, CT

Enjoy the natural beauty of Connecticut's woods sans bugs and wildlife at 1690 Oenoke Ridge.

Upper West Side, NYC

Penthouse A at 755 West End Avenue features a dream bedroom that is truly one of a kind. Wake up to panoramic views of the city, which is also sure to be awe-inspiring during sunset.

Pinecrest, FL

A perfect Florida retreat, this home's covered patio and pool deck create a vacation-like atmosphere.

Montclair, NJ

This classic sunroom can be furnished like any living space while allowing for verdant views.


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