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A Local's Guide to Vacationing in Miami

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

There’s nothing like vacationing in Miami. From its turquoise waters and fun-filled beaches to festive nightlife and diverse cuisine, Miami has so much to offer that it can seem hard to explore everything. If you’re planning a visit to the magical city, allow our local, award-winning BHS Miami Agents to be your personal tour guides.

Enjoy the Water

There is simply nothing like a day at the beach, and the beaches of Miami do not disappoint. Their crystal-clear waters make for a perfect afternoon day trip. Park at one of the open parking lots and pack a lunch, or make time to stop by the ‘take out’ section of the famous Joe’s Stone Crab for a delectable and filling seafood feast that you can take out on the water with you.

“I would say the number-one thing to do to get the full ‘Miami experience’ is to rent a boat for the day and cruise around Biscayne Bay. In my opinion, the year-round boating weather is what makes Miami,” said David Vazquez.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Known for its variety of pools, from the historic coral rock Venetian pool in the heart of Coral Gables to the tantalizing Standard Spa pool with its famous underwater music speakers, there is no shortage of places to take a relaxing swim.

“The Standard is simply the nicest pool in Miami and the best place to relax and recharge,” said Lance Butnick.

Time to Dine

“Enjoy a late lunch at Seaspice on a Sunday; located on the Miami River, it turns into a fun party in the evening or enjoy dinner at Joia Beach. Located right on the water, it offers some of the best Downtown Miami skyline views,” suggested David Vazquez.

Another area worth exploring is Coconut Grove, home to many hot spots including the Mr. C Hotel.

“The hotel has an amazing rooftop pool area and Bellini is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or even a great weekend brunch," said Lauren Schrager.

Visit the City Beautiful

A trip to Miami would be incomplete without a stop into the lush, picturesque city of Coral Gables.

“I love afternoon tea at the Biltmore Hotel. Relaxing music, tea sandwiches, and bubbly served in the hotel's beautiful lobby sets the tone for a perfect afternoon,” said Coral Gables Agent Pia Sague. Also, the legendary Christy's is a traditional steakhouse favorite that recently reopened after a short hiatus. Not only are the steaks delicious, but the famous tableside Caesar salad and baked Alaska are unmatched."

To fuel your day in Coral Gables and experience a beloved aspect of day-to-day culture in Miami, stop by a Cuban café for a colada or cortadito.

"A typical Miami tradition is an afternoon ‘cortadito,’ or Cuban double-shot espresso. One of my all-time favorite places to sit and have one is at Tinta y Café in Coral Gables,” said Pedro Cuberos.

Spend the Day Outdoors

“I love to spend an afternoon at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which is filled with rare and exquisite plants, flowers and lush vegetation. It’s simply serene and gorgeous,” said Cuberos. “Another great spot is the Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market – perfect for fresh fruit and vegetables,” commented Schrager. For the perfect outdoor run, try the boardwalk on Miami Beach.

“It extends from South Pointe to Bal Harbour overlooking gorgeous views of the beach,” added Vasquez.

Game Time!

With the Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and the Miami FC soccer team all calling Miami home, there is a near-constant schedule of live sports games throughout the year.

Picture Perfect

Home to some of the world’s most talented artists, the famous Wynwood Walls is an outdoor gallery filled with gorgeous murals and graffiti art – creating one of the most photographed areas throughout Miami. Once you've taken your photos, explore festive and eclectic neighborhood of Wynwood.

"Art is everywhere [in Wynwood] and so are great outdoor bars and restaurants,” said Vazquez.

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lekor adams
lekor adams

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