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BHS CEO Bess Freedman Shares Her Perspective on NYC’s Commercial Real Estate

In her recent appearance on CNBC’s Last Call, Brown Harris Stevens CEO Bess Freedman joined Silverstein Properties CEO Marty Burger to discuss the problems occurring within the realm of commercial real estate across the country.

In the interview, Last Call anchor Brian Sullivan shared some of the stressors on the commercial real estate market. From a higher number of employees working from home, ultimately leaving a large amount of office spaces unused, to concerns about crime, the value of commercial spaces

I’m addition, there has been a large uptick in office building conversions into multi-family residences in San Francisco. However, Freedman shared her view on how New York City is doing in this regard.    

“New York is not in that situation, we’re in a better place regarding our office space,” — Bess Freedman

Watch the full interview above. To learn more about Bess and her background, click here.

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