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BHS Reflects: What Does Pride Mean to You?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Pride Month

The beauty of Pride is that it can mean something different for everyone, regardless of background or sexual orientation. For some, it is a time of self-expression and reflection. For others, it can signify a call to provide support or allyship.

As Pride Month comes to an end, join us as we continue the celebration by recognizing what Pride means to the Brown Harris Stevens community. We asked several of our BHS agents and team members the question: What does Pride mean to you?

Here are their responses:

“Pride to me means watching my kids explain to other kids that they have two moms without missing a beat. It means my daughter being so excited that the rainbow is the symbol for pride and acceptance. In fact, she told me the only thing that would make it better is if it were a rainbow unicorn!

It means raising my children in a world where they are known for who they are and not just for the fact that they have two moms—that the world is seeing us as more than just a sexual preference.”

Chelsea Silvernell

West Side, NYC

“When I came out in 1977 in Huntsville, TX I had to have eyes on the back of my head and lie about who I loved. Humanity has come so far in understanding that love is love, as the saying goes. Pride really comes down to the freedom to love openly.”

Rachel Wood

Park Slope, Brooklyn

“This month is a time to celebrate the strength of community—to thank the efforts of people before us and those who currently fight for all of us to be treated equally with dignity.”

Robert Nelson

Hamptons, NY

“[Pride is] knowing that my friends and colleagues who happen to be gay or trans have the same rights and privileges that I enjoy. We are all equal, no matter who we love!”

Sandy Wilson

Harlem and Riverdale, NYC

“Pride Month is about love and acceptance. Love is love.”

Itzy Garay

Brooklyn, NY

“Pride means to me an evolution of the world towards a more just and humane society that respects the dignity of every person.”

Kleopatra Phili

West Side, NYC

“[Pride means] accepting others not because they are different, rather because they are the same—we’re all human beings.”

Tina Kaplan

Graphic Designer for BHS Marketing, Miami, Fl

“It means that I can be myself, live my life authentically, and be treated as an equal in society and be accepted by all!”

Mark D. Friedman

West Side, NYC

“Pride is about the pride I have for my family and friends and the entire world’s LGBTQ community—advocating and educating at every opportunity, every single day. Pride Month is the time to celebrate my beautiful family and friends, old, new, and still unknown. Happy Pride!”

RoseAnn Hermann

Harlem and Riverdale, NYC

“[Pride means] acceptance, freedom and pride for being your authentic self without hesitation, doubt, or anything to prove. Celebrating and basking in your very own unique light whatever that brilliance may be.”

Anna Shagalov

Village, NYC

“Everyone has the right to live and love as they wish. There are no limits!”

Edward Berenhaus

West Side, NYC

"Pride means acceptance, equality, and love for all. Lin-Manuel Miranda said it best, ‘Love is love is love is love!’”

Kirsten Krueger Aiello

East Side, NYC

“Pride means giving yourself permission to unapologetically be your authentic self.”

George DeMarco

West Side, NYC

“Pride to me is a group of people that have unbelievable strength and determination to stand up for what they want even if some groups may reject them. Pride makes me want to be a better person, lead by example, and encourage my family and friends to do the same.

Pride reminds me that the world is different and that difference is a truly beautiful thing. Pride encourages me; it is a reminder that we can do anything in this world. It shouldn’t be one month out of the year: It should be every day.”

Marci Kahan

East Side, NYC

Though Pride Month is coming to a close, we at Brown Harris Stevens believe Pride can and should be expressed, celebrated, and taught year-round.

To learn more about our company’s commitment to equality, as well as our partnership with the Human Rights Campaign, visit our Pride page.

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