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Celebrate New Canaan’s Rich Architecture and Arts at October4Design

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

New Canaan, Connecticut is not only a tranquil and idyllic Connecticut town, but also an American architectural mecca.

Home to the original Harvard Five—a group of architects from the university credited with bringing modern architecture to U.S. home design—the town will celebrate its rich tradition throughout next month with October4Design.

Returning after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the month-long series will showcase modern art and design from an array of industry leaders, in addition to gallery exhibitions featuring fine, contemporary art.

The Glass House Pavillion in New Canaan, Connecticut
The pavilion at The Glass House Complex

Among the top attractions of the month is the Modern House Day Tour and Symposium, which will offer tours of iconic mid-century architectural marvels such as the newly reopened Glass House and the Noyes House–both of which were designed by members of the Harvard Five and are considered emblems of modern home design.

The tours will take place Friday, October 23 and will be followed by an evening reception.

Also featured in the series are speaking engagements with industry visionaries, including Nina Anker, founder of nea studio—an innovative firm specializing in sustainable design for architecture, interiors, landscape planning, and furniture. Anker’s program will take place October 19 and focus on her latest book, Cocoon House, which delves into the groundbreaking design of Anker’s home in Long Island.

For those looking to explore, and possibly own, fine contemporary art, visit Heather Gaudio Fine Art for a Gallery Stroll to see works from emerging and established artists. The gallery also offers guidance regarding how to display and maintain pieces in your collection.

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