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Get the Inside Scoop on the Newest Social Clubs in New York City

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The New York City social scene is back and vibrant as ever, with new and soon-to-open clubs giving standbys such as SoHo House and the enduring Yale Club worthy competition.

In addition to providing a luxurious social space to mix and mingle, the clubs offer world-class amenities, dining, and entertainment.

Additionally, with many of us valuing privacy and safety in the wake of COVID-19, the clubs have surged in popularity given that they offer spaces to socialize while being mindful of guidelines and restrictions. Here are a few of our favorites, in addition to two we look forward to exploring!

Zero Bond NYC

Among the late st clubs to make their mark on the NYC social scene is Zero Bond, aptly named given its location on Bond Street—always popular for shopping and dining. Zero Bond's mission is to create a space where people from varied fields and paths of life can form a diverse community. Its first-class facilities showcase exposed brick and arched windows throughout, creating a relaxing, loft-like atmosphere.

In addition to its private event spaces, dining, and cocktail bars, Zero Bond is also popular for its co-working space, making it the perfect option for those looking for a club where they can both work and play.

The name Cipriani is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, with the beloved Italian brand being a mainstay in NYC society. Both a hotel and a social club, Casa Cipriani is located in the newly restored, historically landmarked Battery Maritime Building. The club's interior design is reminiscent of a mega yacht, with lacquered mahogany finishes and nautical motifs lining the walls.

In true European fashion, the club is designed for those who enjoy life's simple pleasures, from gourmet, authentic Italian dining to live jazz and curated cultural programming. It is the perfect place to sip a Bellini while hosting a friend, date, or client.

Aman Club (Coming Soon)

Aman Club New York

Helmed by real estate mogul Vladislav Doronin, the Aman brand is one of international sophistication, luxury, and leisure, with resorts and spas, clubs, and residential developments around the world showcasing premier design and world-class amenities. Coming soon to NYC is the highly anticipated Aman Club, which has already garnered a long waiting list for membership.

Located in the iconic Crown Building, members of the posh club will enjoy a three-story Aman spa, a wraparound garden terrace restaurant overlooking Central Park, various multicultural dining venues, and VIP access to highly-sought-after sporting, fashion, and entertainment events. Other highlights include a private wine library and a curated list of white-glove services unique to the Aman brand.

The Ned (Coming Soon)

Arriving this summer in the former NoMad Hotel is the second outpost of London's Ned—a famed hotel and private members’ club conceived by SoHo House, which is a sister brand to The Ned. While many of us were saddened by the closing of the NoMad hotel, the fact that the site is being transformed and reopened as a members-only club is very exciting!

The hotel's membership-only club is expected to mirror the offerings of its London flagship, offering exclusive access to the private members’ club, which will feature a mezzanine bar, rooftop bar, and gourmet terrace restaurant.

Looking for more info on the NYC social club scene? Feel free to contact us here! We are happy to provide additional recommendations.

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