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Live Where You Vacation with These South Florida Rental Properties

With its temperate climate, vibrant cities, and natural beauty, it's no wonder South Florida is a home-away-from-home for many who desire an escape for the colder months.

South Florida rental

To help you find your perfect winter getaway, here is a selection of rental properties currently on the market, from the beaches of Miami to the tree-lined streets of Palm Beach Island.


460 NE 28TH Street #3708 Miami

The floor-to-ceiling windows of this apartment allow for panoramic bay and city views while offering abundant natural light. It is located in the highly desirable Downtown neighborhood of Edgewater.

801 N Venetian Dr Apartment #PHF2 Miami

This loft-style duplex offers access to a variety of amenities, including an onsite gym and tennis court. With its location on Biscayne Island, you'll have easy access to all Miami has to offer.

100 S Pointe Dr  Apartment #1110 Miami South beach property to rent

This spacious apartment is located directly on the shore of South Beach, picturesque beach views from multiple directions. A gourmet kitchen and open floor plan are among its many highlights.

101 20th St  Apartment #2604 Miami Florida apartment

With its resort-quality amenities and luxury design finishes, this home epitomizes the live-where-you-vacation experience. A1-2 week rental during the season is preferred, and it is even available during Art Basel!

Palm Beach County

8000 S Flagler Drive  West Palm Beach rental

Located in the highly desirable South End of West Palm Beach, this home was recently renovated and outfitted with upgrades and a contemporary design. The backyard has a private swimming pool and detached cabana.

225 Bahama Lane Palm Beach island luxury rental

Located in the heart of Palm Beach Island, this classic Floridian home is as picturesque as it is private. It is also within close proximity to the island's premier beaches, shopping, and dining destinations.

29 S Flagler Drive Downtown West Palm Beach apartment to rent real estate

This newly renovated apartment allows you to live in the heart of vibrant Downtown West Palm Beach, known for its nightlife, art, and entertainment. Amenities include an onsite concierge, gym, tennis courts, and security.


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lekor adams
lekor adams
02 de abr.

Live where you vacation by exploring South Florida rental properties that offer more than just a place to stay—they promise a retreat from the everyday. Just as WheelofBliss provides a sanctuary for reconnection and rejuvenation, these properties offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in a lifestyle where every day feels like an escape. Imagine waking up to serene water views, your mornings filled with beach walks, and your evenings spent exploring vibrant local cultures. These homes are not just rentals; they are gateways to a life where you are constantly connected with the beauty of nature, the warmth of community, and the spirit of relaxation. They allow you to step away from the rush of modern life, offering a space…


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