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Meeting in the Virtual World

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

On all of your social media channels, the best tactic right now is to ask your followers what they want to know and to provide your unique thoughts and insight based on your professional experience and what you are learning as the situation progresses. It is an uncertain time for every industry; your followers, and the public at large, will want to know what you can share about the real estate market now, and in the near future. Most importantly, be authentic!

You can also share your expertise by posting links to relevant news stories on Facebook and LinkedIn along with your own commentary on the situation.

In comment sections, use @mentions to pull other people you know into a conversation. Be thoughtful: only mention people that you think are likely to respond, max five is a good rule of thumb. Reply to others’ posts when relevant and offer insights that their own followers will be able to see. On your own posts, respond to commenters and encourage back and forth.

Another great outlet to stay at the top of people’s minds during this time are Instagram stories. This is a valuable place to post daily updates in a time of uncertainty. For more information on how to navigate Instagram stories, click here.

Don’t be tone deaf about the current state of the world — while you shouldn’t join in the sensational aspects of the news cycle, you shouldn’t progress with your typical marketing, acting as if nothing is wrong.

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Are @mentions related to Instgram? Is that sort of the same as Facebook tags? I'm pretty inexperienced with Instagram and Twitter - and even worse with LinkedIn.

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