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$4.2M Penthouse Sale Breaks Record for Highest-Priced Condo in Hoboken

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Hoboken is easily one of the most in-demand cities in New Jersey. Families and young professionals alike are flocking to the area both for its proximity to New York City and wealth of options for real estate.

High price apartment in Hoboken NJ

Among the recent condo sales in the area is one penthouse that has broken the record for the highest-priced condo sale in Hoboken history.

Represented by BHS Agent Peter Cossio and the Hudson Realty Group, Unit #12IJ at 1500 Hudson Street is part of the iconic Hudson Tea Building, a former Lipton Tea factory that was converted into apartments during the 1990s.

1500 Hudson Street - 12IJ - BHS real estate

The penthouse was restored to contemporary perfection by its previous owner in 2020. Updates included installing new countertops and wall finishes, as well as implementing a state-of-the-art security system.

Penthouse 1500 Hudson Street Hoboken high price

It features stunning, panoramic views of Hoboken and the Downtown New York City skyline.

To learn more about the property and its record-breaking sale, visit The Real Deal. Click here to see Peter Cossio's current listings.


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