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The Art Collection: From In-Home Gallery Spaces to Historic Theatres

Whether you're an artist, art collector, curator, or enthusiast, finding the right place to store and/or showcase your precious collection is crucial and relies on several factors, including space and temperature.

These homes were selected for those with art collections in mind, offering a variety of features—from in-home gallery spaces to state-of-the-art humidity and temperature control—to ensure your precious works are kept in the utmost condition.

A rare gem of Manhattan’s Gilded Age, this stunning home is located just down the road from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was restored, updated, and utilized by the American Irish Historical Society to house and showcase books, manuscripts, and works of art. Its elegant Beaux-arts style interiors are both hospitable and museum-quality. Learn More

This sprawling Greenwich Estate is replete with a grand, expansive center hall with elegant wood paneling that is sure to frame your artwork beautifully. Learn More

Epitomizing the thoughtful design and lavish appointments for which Upper East Side townhomes are known, 128 East 74th Street is equipped with an in-home humidification system. This is a rare feature that can be optimized to ensure your artwork is kept in ideal conditions. Learn More

Currently owned by an acclaimed artist, this home’s whimsically designed interiors are sure to foster creativity, with multiple spaces throughout showcasing various design styles suitable to compliment a variety of art. There is even a large artist’s studio overlooking the backyard on the garden level. Learn More

The abundance of wall space in this home is perfect for those with large art collections, as seen with its current owner. Its artful, contemporary design adds to the gallery-like ambiance. Learn More

Given its rich history, it should come as no surprise that the iconic Cherry Lane Theatre is also a fantastic and unique outlet for showcasing art. Its 179-seat theatre makes it apt for events as well.

A five-story building on the Lower East Side, the ground floor and basement of this property are currently configured as chic, modern gallery spaces. Learn More

The welcoming entry gallery of this sophisticated Upper East Side apartment is the perfect place to display your art. Its multi-zone central AC and humidification system will protect your collection for years to come.

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