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7 Home Offices That Let You Work in Style

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

With many of us working remotely some or all of the time, home offices are among the most in-demand property features.

When you think of your dream home office, what do you envision? Built-in bookshelves for your prized literary collection? A fireplace to add some warmth and charm, or a sunlit space that leads directly outdoors? Perhaps you imagine a colorful, modern setup that inspires creativity.

Discover your dream home office, or garner some design inspiration for your own, with these exemplary listings.

8 Dewart Road (Greenwich, CT)

8 Dewart Road (Greenwich, CT)

Bright, sunny, and timeless, the clean design of 8 Dewart Road's office is perfect for providing a clear headspace to tackle work while also allowing for a high degree of versatility.

Apartment #8EF/9EF/7F (Upper East Side, NYC)

131 East 66th Street   Apartment #8EF/9EF/7F (Upper East Side, NYC)

With its contemporary, cosmopolitan design, the home office at 131 East 66th Street is bound to appeal to those who prefer modern interiors and neutral color palettes.

145 Accabonac Road (East Hampton, NY)

145 Accabonac Road (East Hampton, NY)

The bold and maximalist design of this home's office draws from multiple influences, while coffered ceilings and sea-foam blues add a tropical vibe.

12520 SW 63rd Avenue (Pinecrest, FL)

12520 SW 63rd Avenue (Pinecrest, FL)

Bright and chic, this office's vibrant pops of color and furniture choices imbue the space with a fun, feminine flair that is both stylish and sophisticated.

200 Hicks Street (Brooklyn Heights, NY)

200 Hicks Street (Brooklyn Heights, NY)

Mid-century modern furnishings and décor make the home office of 200 Hicks Street both cozy and on trend.

375 West 123rd Street, PHB (Harlem, NYC)

Blue is said to invoke feelings of calmness and serenity, making it a great color to consider for any home office, as seen with this one.

901 Bloomfield Street, #4 (Hoboken, NJ)

The home office at 901 Bloomfield St. #4 is a great example of how modern, tasteful design can be achieved with only a few thoughtfully chosen furnishings and decorative accents.


Alice Larson
Alice Larson
Nov 29, 2023

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