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7 Must-Try Restaurants in Greenwich, Connecticut

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

restaurants Greenwich Connecticut

Scenic, tranquil, and refined, Greenwich, Connecticut offers a luxury lifestyle enhanced by a vibrant array of local attractions.

Given the neighborhood’s popularity among people and families of all ages, it should come as no surprise that Greenwich offers plenty of dining options to appeal to a variety of preferences, ranging from chic French bakeries and bistros to charming pubs.

Looking to explore the Greenwich dining scene? Here are some must-try restaurants, recommended by our Brown Harris Stevens Greenwich agents.

Le penguin Greenwich restaurant

Of all the restaurant recommendations we received, Le Penguin was easily the most popular. Recommended individually by Rob Johnson, Laurie Meyer, and Diddle McAllister, it’s clear the classic French bistro has left an impression on the community. The menu includes authentic French fare like escargot and foie gras, along with creative takes on crab cakes and tuna tartare.

Raphael’s is a charming bakery that is as delicious as it is transportive. From its French-speaking staff to its authentic baked goods, you'll feel as if you're in France itself. Raphael's is perfect for a quick morning coffee or pleasant conversation over pastries, and it is conveniently located directly across the street from the BHS Greenwich office.

Named after the only Italian-speaking town in Switzerland, Lugano features a menu of Italian tapas, as well as a menu dedicated to cured meats and cheeses. Plus, as pointed out by Rob Johnson, the restaurant is also a popular venue for live music.

Offering a unique fusion of Vietnamese and French fare, Orienta is a one-of-a-kind restaurant overseen by the same owners as Le Penguin. “These owners have created a high-end menu with a welcoming décor,” noted Agent Laurie Meyer. From steak frites to flavorful curries, the menu is sure to provide a memorable experience for even the worldliest palates.

Applausi restaurant Greenwich CT

A contemporary, chic Italian eatery with an authentic menu curated by a Tuscan-born chef, Applausi was recommended by Rob Johnson for its elevated takes on Italian cuisine. Among the noteworthy menu standouts is the restaurant’s dedicated spaghetti menu, which includes classic carbonara and puttanesca.

For casual American fare that doesn’t sacrifice quality or flavor, look no further than Little Pub. The popular local hangout includes a menu of burgers, wings, soups, salads, and mac and cheese, along with an extensive list of local and nationally loved brews.

Recommended for its organic pasta made in-house daily, Il Pastaficio offers incredibly fresh Italian fare. The restaurant’s pasta dishes are available for takeout in family-style portions. From the staple lasagna to trays of ravioli and gnocchi, the menu is perfect for entertaining large groups. For more insider tips on Greenwich from the real estate agents who know the area best, see our directory of Greenwich agents.

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