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8 Hispanic-Owned Fashion Businesses in the New York City Area

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Hispanic fashion business NYC

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are spotlighting Hispanic-owned businesses we love in the New York metro region.

Hispanic culture has long had a major and vibrant influence on U.S. fashion and design, with many brands flocking to places like New York City to showcase their work. From fine jewelry and accessories to chic clothing, here are nine Hispanic-owned fashion brands to support--all of which are headquartered in and around the city.

Envisioned as a "medium to empower women through wearable art," Casamuza was founded by Polet Guzmán in her native country of Puerto Rico. Her flowy, bohemian-inspired designs feature hand-screen printed drawings and other unique accents designed to make the wearer feel fearless.

 Casamuza Polet Guzman New York City

Cuban-American Valerie Duardo is the founder and Lead Buyer for Mint Market. She began working with fashion designers and stylists in Miami during college before embarking to the New York City area. There, she opened a catalogue of fashion stores, including Mint Market in Hoboken, which showcases a tasteful array of both vintage and contemporary clothing.

Founded by acclaimed artist M. Tony Peralta, a native New Yorker and first generation Dominican-American, The Peralta Project showcases artistic, custom designs that celebrate and provide commentary on racial stigmas related to Hispanic identity. From clothing to artwork, Peralta's work is as diverse as it is meaningful.

Karigam is a luxury women's apparel brand based in New York City. Founded by Venezuela native Karina Gamez, the brand's sophisticated designs are crafted with only the finest fabrics and materials.

When Founder and Designer Yasmin Sabet envisioned Mola Sasa, she wanted to create a brand that resonated with the color and music of her home country of Colombia. The unique, handcrafted pieces created by her brand are designed in partnership with various indigenous communities of Colombia, ensuring each piece is as authentic as it is fashionable.

Yasmin Sabet - Mola Sasa - Manhattan

Raised in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst's namesake brand features places an equal emphasis on style and sustainability. So committed is the brand that most of their products--from skirts to handbags---are only available in limited quantities and require special orders.

When Mariana Russo Chambers came to the U.S. from Buenos Aires, she sought to create a fine jewelry brand that demystified the industry and made it accessible to a wider variety of consumers. Thus, Cut + Clarity was born. The brand offers high-quality, personalized pieces at affordable price points.

Created by Luz Ortiz, a Dominican born jewelry designer, this brand's innovative designs blend contemporary design accents with natural, organic geometries, creating a sophisticated yet rugged aesthetic that is sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates high-quality metals and stones.

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