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A Cant-Miss Doughnut Shop in NYC's Flatiron District

With countless bakeries to visit in New York City, it is nearly impossible to visit them all but according to BHS's Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Sales Doug Williford, there is one particular shop that cannot be missed--- Dough Doughnuts. Doug recently brought us along for a visit to the Dough Doughnuts Flatiron location and tells us why he believes this incredible shop stands out from the rest.

"When people ask me where they should go and what they can't miss in New York City, I have one answer: small and round... doughnuts. And Dough Doughnuts are just the best that there are." --- Doug Williford

Founded in 2010, Dough Doughnuts began baking its tasty creations in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, and has become of the most popular doughnut shops across New York City. Known for fresh flavors and stunning appearance, these doughnuts are handmade in-house, where customers are able to see the intricate baking process while they order.

What makes Dough Doughnuts highly-recommended by Doug, and countless others, are the unbelievably delicious and unique flavors, on both their seasonal and year-round menus. Their year-round menu includes unbeatable classics: toasted coconut, plain glazed, cinnamon sugar, lemon poppyseed, and Doug’s favorite, hibiscus. On their seasonal menu, flavors like blood orange, cheesecake, and peanut butter crunch have also gained popularity in their limited run.

With locally-sourced ingredients, as well as vegan options, they are devoted to baking high-quality doughnuts that everyone can enjoy. Creating each batch is a craft that requires the very best ingredients, and a lot of passion-- and Dough Doughnuts has mastered it!


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