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This Hell's Kitchen Specialty Gift Shop is Truly One of a Kind

Whether you are in search of a rare find, the perfect personalized gift, or some unique home decór, Domus Unaffected Living is easily one of New York City's most coveted shopping gems. The store's owners take several months out of each year to meet directly with artisans from countries around the world, including Guatemala, Peru, and India. The result is a store full of handmade, authentic, and quality products for all ages.

Offering everything from books and journals to artwork, photos, candles, kitchenware, and so much more, Domus is truly one of the only stores of its kind. Recently, Brown Harris Stevens Agent Roger Gillen visited Domus and met with owners Luisa and Nicki to discuss how they source their store's products. Read the interview in full below, and you can watch the walkthrough here.

"In spending time with Luisa and Nicki, I am reminded of what Georgia O’Keefe once said: 'You can’t paint New York as it is, but rather, as it is felt.' Here, at Domus in Hell’s Kitchen, you experience just that." — Roger Gillen, Brown Harris Stevens Agent

Roger: Luisa, tell me about how you came up with the idea for this unique store?

Luisa: It was Nicki’s idea. After 9/11, New Yorkers were in mourning. Nobody went out to restaurants and parties but spent time at home. Nicki was a chef, and I was in fashion at the time, and our industries were not doing well, so Nicki thought we should open our own store selling items for the home, so people could decorate their apartments and entertain at home. We combined our love of travel and decorating to come-up with the concept.

Roger: In curating this wonderful store, what countries have you traveled to?

Luisa: We have traveled extensively to Asia, as well as Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand!

Roger: Who are your favorite artisans to work with?

Luisa: I would say weavers in Guatemala, Peru, and India; wood-carvers in Mexico and South Africa, stone carvers in Vietnam, and lacquer-makers in Vietnam and Myanmar. We work a lot with women cooperatives!

Learn more about Domus here. To connect with Roger Gillen and view his current listings, click here.

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Nestled in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, this specialty gift shop is truly one of a kind. Bursting with unique items ranging from quirky local crafts to rare collectibles, it's a treasure trove for anyone seeking the extraordinary. The friendly staff are always ready to help you find the perfect gift. For an added bonus, use the vapedisc discount code at checkout to enjoy special savings on your purchases. This shop is a must-visit gem in the city.

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