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What's New & What to Do in the South Street Seaport in Summer 2022

By Chris Pomeroy, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

With its converted mercantile loft buildings, historic architecture, and cobblestone streets framed by the Brooklyn Bridge, the South Street Seaport is one of the most cinematic neighborhoods in Manhattan. Not content resting on its historic laurels, however, there are six new dining, art, and shopping destinations in Summer 2022. Pleasing all five senses, these are the new and exciting additions you can expect at the Seaport this summer.

Exciting New Dining Options

Already home to Momofuko Ssäm Bar, Carne Mare, and The Paris Café (one of NYC’s oldest, most stylish pubs), the Seaport is just getting started as a world-class dining destination. There truly is something for everyone (including a classic NY pizza slice). Two new, very exciting additions are:

The Tin Building

96 South Street

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Legendary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten currently has The Fulton at Pier 17 but he is going next level with The Tin Building, a new culinary experience he's curating in a restored landmarked structure on the site of the original Fulton Fish Market.

With 12 restaurants, four bars, two gourmet groceries, and the interior design overseen by Roman & Williams, this is already one of the most highly anticipated destinations of 2022 before it even opens its doors in August.

Pro tip: the green take-out cups at the coffee bar are so good looking you will want to rinse, recycle, and reuse them. Do it. Go green, literally.


226 Front Street

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Since opening in the fall of 2021, Tagmo (it means tigress in the Bhutanese language of Dzongkha) is where you go to satisfy your desire for inspired Indian cuisine dreamed up by Michelin award-winning Chef Surbhi Sahni in a stylish but oh-so soothing setting. It is also where you’ll find her famed mithai (Hindi for sweets). She offers traditional, vegan, and nut-free options so beautiful that you won’t want to eat them (but you will).

Pro tip: Jump on the Jitney or train with a chic box of these perfect confectionary gifts and your host is highly likely to ask you back.

Art & Inspiration Abound

From monumental retrospectives to contemporary galleries, there is no shortage of local art. Reflect and engage with everything from photographs and sculpture, painting to performance that tells the story of life in the year 2022. Or visit the South Street Seaport Museum to understand what life was like in the 17th century when the neighborhood was first developed.

Don’t miss a visit to one of these Seaport favorites:

SN37 Gallery

204 Front Street

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This not-for-profit space was opened to showcase a diverse group of artists and image makers, with the proceeds from each of its exhibitions donated to an organization of the artists’ choosing.

Up now: National Anthem by Luke Gilford, July 14-August 28.

These breathtaking portraits capture the kinship, dignity, grit and glamour found in the queer rodeo world. Proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated to the International Gay Rodeo Association.

Tom Fruin: From Sea to Shining Sea at Pier 17

89 South Street

Follow the artist here.

On view at Pier 17 are two of Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruins’ iconic and colorful plexiglass and steel houses, part of his ICON series. "Kolonihavehus" is at the entrance of the pier and "Hi 5 Taxi Cab" is located on the Heineken Riverdeck.

Both architectural sculptures invite viewers to reimagine the idea of structure and shelter in a whole new way. From inside them you can see what the world looks like in rose-colored plexi (and blue, green, and gold). Or just grab a great new photo for social media.

Reinvigorate Your Wardrobe and Shop for Friends, Responsibly

Want to be stylish in both what you wear and

how you live while also doing your part to help save the planet? Two new additions to the Seaport can help with that.

Club Vintage

205 Front Street

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An impeccably sourced collection of vintage clothing, furniture, and home décor, Club Vintage brings all the style while recycling lots of very stylish things. It is very easy to imagine wearing that dress while sitting on that chair looking at flowers placed in that vase.

The Canvas

93 South Street

Follow along here.

This collection of independent global brands are in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, meaning you can really feel good at shopping here.

Pro tip: While in the Seaport, why not pick up a Seapod Bracelet from Mana Made, which are cast from seapods originating on the shore of Long Island's North Fork?

Enjoy more scenes from the South Street Seaport:

The South Street Seaport---where the idea of the city never sleeping started in the mid-1800s--- continues to evolve with creativity in mind while respecting its important past.

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