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Where to Dine in Brooklyn During NYC Restaurant Week 2022

Ask any New Yorker and they will tell you that some of the best food in the city can be found in Brooklyn. The borough is home to a variety of neighborhoods, each with their own character and charm and many with world-class dining.

With the 30th Edition of NYC Restaurant Week underway through August 21, you now have the chance to sample the best of Brooklyn's diverse culinary scene. Hundreds of restaurants throughout the borough are offering pri-fixe, multi-course meal specials.

Those visiting may not realize that Brooklyn itself is quite large. If it were designated as its own city, it would be the fourth largest in the country, and it is the most populous borough in NYC. As such, dining options are vast, and it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down a list of restaurants to try. To help, we've curated a list of some of the top restaurants in the borough, all of which are participating in this year's Restaurant Week series.

Bay Ridge

Recommended by BHS Brooklyn Agent Bernadette Mitchell, Tanoreen is known for serving generous portions of authentic, homestyle Middle Eastern cuisine. For Restaurant Week, patrons can choose from Tanoreen's full menu of offerings for both lunch and dinner. Try the Baked Kafta Tahini, an aromatic dish made with ground lamb, onions, parsley, potatoes, and house-made tahini sauce.


Santo Parque offers flavorful comfort food with a Brazilian twist, as well as impressive signature cocktails. Among their Restaurant Week offerings is the Feijoada do Santo, the national dish of Brazil. It includes 24-hour cooked pork belly, ribs, and jerky beef served with rice, beans, and collard greens.

Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn has blossomed into a vibrant city center over the last decade, and its dining scene does not disappoint. A must-try is Gage & Tollner, which has been a Brooklyn institution for over 100 years. Start off with a refreshing Tomato Gazpacho soup, followed by Roasted Bluefish and the Warm Chocolate Peanut Butter Bread Pudding for dessert.

Park Slope

What started as a pop-up oyster bar has grown into a Brooklyn mainstay known for its fresh seafood and convivial atmosphere. They also have flavorful vegan seafood alternatives, like the Vegan Fish and Chips, made with battered banana blossoms. Another popular dish is the Paella, which includes calasparra rice and succulent Argentinian prawns, as well as clams, mussels, and conch.

Cobble Hill

Indian Table's menu is a celebration of Indian culture and cuisine, as well as the vibrancy and creativity of Brooklyn itself. The restaurant utilizes Goan cooking techniques, which incorporate Portuguese and English influences. A great example is the Railway Mutton Curry, a dish that was cooked aboard the Indian Railway during the British Raj.


Experience the vibrant flavors of Caribbean-inspired cuisine served with a contemporary flair. There are several indulgent dishes on the Kokomo Restaurant Week menu, including coconut curry mussels, zesty Island Pasta, and Red Peppa Jerk Chicken. The restaurant is also known for its tropical cocktails, which are said to make you feel like you are on an island vacation.

Boerum Hill

The husband-and-wife-run Barbalu offers wood-fired pizza and mouthwatering pasta dishes. Its Restaurant Menu includes any selection of pizza, as well as several of Barbalu's most popular pasta dishes. Visitors rave about the Rigatoni Norma, which is made with creamy ricotta and fried eggplant.


Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Jan 17, 2023

You left a lot of places behind. Including Cuban , Dominican , Jamaican , African , Chinese , Japanese , Thailand , Puerto Rican etc.

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