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7 Hispanic-Owned Arts & Culture Businesses in the New York City Area and South Florida

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Hispanic-Owned Arts & Culture Businesses in the New York City Area and South Florida

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are spotlighting Hispanic-owned businesses in various cities. This week's roundup, our final installment, focuses on Arts & Culture --- with businesses ranging from premier art galleries to performing arts schools and venues.

Hispanic heritage month is very important to me because it’s a time of year where my culture, its history, and its contributions are celebrated. As the second-largest ethnic group in the U.S., it inspires me how far our ancestors came in search of opportunity – they were true adventurers, and that is something that I’m very proud of. I’m proud of how Hispanic culture is centered around the importance of family, friendships, and enjoying and admiring the people around you. This shared idea across 20 countries makes each and every one of them feel like home. --- Euri Romanov, BHS Marketing Strategist

Founded in 1968 by late producer Gilberto Zaldívar, Repertorio showcases the best of Latinx, Spanish, and Hispanic-American theatrical talent through quality productions.

As the Founder of both the Box Gallery and the Florida Arts Association, Rolando Barrero knows how to find and showcase amazing and diverse talent. The gallery in particular is celebrated for its unique exhibitions, showcasing works from Hispanic and Latinx artists from around the world.

Located in Jersey City, Salsa FeverOn2 has built a reputation for its award-winning curriculum, churning out talented dancers of all levels for 20 years--all under the artistic direction of founder Mario J. Gonzalez.

Teatro SEA - Lower East Side - Manhattan, NYC

Being Hispanic means being a thread in a beautifully diverse tapestry of skin tones, accents, foods, and traditions. I am Puerto Rican and my husband is Peruvian/Ecuadorian. Over the years we’ve learned the differences and similarities of our backgrounds. We look forward to taking that shared knowledge and passing it along to our daughter so she can grow up with pride knowing that she comes from a deeply rich history that goes beyond what has been written in textbooks. -- Nadia Saleh, BHS Director, e-Commerce

Part of the Society for the Education in Arts, Teatro SEA is a performance space on Manhattan's Lower East Side dedicated to bilingual arts, education, and productions.

Noted as the first and only bilingual Hispanic theater in queens, Thalia has produced over 200 Spanish-language plays, operettas, and musicals.

Easily Miami's premier outlet for custom picture framing and inspirational Latin American Art, Galeria Del Sol was established 20 years ago and has since expanded to two locations in prime areas of Miami Beach.

Founded by professional dancers Marcus and Jose, the first Salsa Salsa studio opened in Bushwick and subsequently moved to Park Slope, teaching traditional dances like the Bachata and the bespoke Salsa to people of all levels and boroughs.

There is nothing that makes me feel more proud than to be a first-generation Hispanic American representing my Colombian roots. To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a moment in time where we can fully acknowledge how much we enrich our nation with our diverse cultures, traditions, and history. Being Hispanic is expressing your identity unapologetically with passion and pride. There is so much beauty in our culture, but the most important value we stand for is family and I hope to continue the legacy and keep my heritage alive when I have children of my own one day. -- Nathaly Sanchez, BHS Marketing Strategist

Salsa Salsa Dance Studio

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