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Managers Approval

Approvals Feed

To access your Approvals Queue, navigate there through the Object Navigation Menu.

approvals 1.png
approvals 2.png

Within this view you'll be able to sort all the cases that need your attention. Remember, this Queue is specific to the agents in your office.

approval 3.png

To go into a case, click on the Case Number.

approval 4.png

You are now in the Approval Request Page. Here, you will see details about the approval, like who submitted the request, how much it costs, information about the building, and any comments from the submitter.

approval layout.png

To view the request, click on the Case Number (again) in the Approval Details field.

approval layout copy.png

Once in the Case Page Layout, you can see the final version of the proof in Chatter. Click on the image to view the postcard, and if you have any revisions, leave them in a comment under that post in Chatter.

approval case page.png
approval chatter post.png
approval comment.png

If you want to suggest changes, do so in Chatter (it will notify everyone). Once everything looks good, you can head back to the Approvals Page at the top.

approval tab.png

There, you will see the Approve button. Once you click that, it will notify the Marketing & Admin team and we can submit for order or production! Rejecting the approval will simply close the case.

approval approve.png

That's all for this section! You can navigate to other helpful areas in the help center here:

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