Marketing Center

Creating a Request

The process for creating a request is not only uniform across the entire site, it's pretty much the same steps for each individual asset as well. Once you learn it, you'll never forget! The case request pages all look something like this:

The best way to understand it is in three sections:

  1. The “Highlight Panel” on top, where you have all your key information about the request

  2. The “Request Detail Panel” on the left, where you enter in all the key information about this request

  3. Your “Chatter Feed" on the right, where all communication around this request happens

The “[Postcard] Information” tab is where you fill out all your collateral details. Double click any of the fields to edit, and don't forget to save your work!

​The “Listing Information" tab is an auto-feed of all the relevant information for the listing you have selected, if any.

The “Request Information” tab is mostly autofill sections to provide maximum transparency for you on this request. There, you can see information like who is working on your request, what the order status is and even the tracking number once your collateral is ordered.


If your request involves images, you can choose the template and images you want to use directly from the case request page. At the bottom of the detail panel on the left side, you'll see an area that says "Select Template and Images"

Once you select a template and click "Use this Template" the images associated with this listing will appear. Beneath each image, you will have the option to select a number. That number lets the staff know what order to place the images on your request, which corresponds to the templates. Don't forget to save your selection by clicking the save button!


Managing My Requests

Welcome to your request management center. Here, you will be able to track every single request that you make on Maia!

For starters, you can select which list you want to view, and sort accordingly. Your default list should be set to “My Open Requests” so you can see all your active and pending requests.


The "Case Number" is how we track all our requests, so to see the most recent request, click the tab that says “Case Number” to filter by most recent cases. Clicking on the Case Number will bring you into that request.


The “Owner Name” indicates who is handling this request. When you make a request, it will automatically go into a Queue for your office. That allows our team to effectively manage all the requests from each office. As soon as a staff member starts working on that request, they will Accept the case and you will see their name appear under the “Owner Name” tab.


The “Status” tab indicates the status of the request. As soon as someone accepts your request, they will change the status to “In Progress” and you will receive a notification. When the request is finished, it will move into the list that says “My Closed Requests” so you can keep track of your order history.

Print Requests


Print Requests is where you make all your - yep, you guessed it - print marketing requests. There is a tile for everything our company offers, and we've taken the opportunity to refine the process on some of the standard workflows. For example, to send a letter of solicitation, you now request that here under "Letter Mailing" instead of going through Broker Services.

If you have a request that doesn't quite fit one of the descriptions, you can submit a "Custom Print Request" in the corresponding tile. The staff will be able to switch the request type for you if there is a better fit. 

Once you make a request, you can manage revisions and check the status in the "Manage My Requests" center, accessed through the nav bar or the tile in the Marketing Center.

Digital Requests


Digital Requests will connect you with the right marketing staff to handle your digital requests. 

Through the digital center, we can help manage your social media, provide analytics reports for ads, assist with email newsletter blasts and broker open house tours, and update your online web information

Media & Vendors


The Media & Vendor component is a big step forward for agents when it comes to efficiency and improving turnaround times. From now on, BHS vendors will receive requests through Maia. That means when you're requesting photography and virtual staging, you will be communicating directly with our vendors.

This makes a big difference when doing revisions on things like virtual staging and coordinating photography. The marketing team will be overseeing the process from afar to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, but ultimately we want you to have full control over your assets.

That's all for this section! Use the menu below to navigate to other topics of interest.