The Home Page Dashboard

The Dashboard

Welcome to your new everything, organized. Maia is the technology backbone of BHS, allowing us to work as efficiently as possible and provide the best support for our agents. 

Your four main objects are:

Which has reSource, Analytics, Pilot, Instant Value, Pitch Creator, My Listings, and a new feature, My Leads

Where you can input a listing directly into reSOURCE and save a lot of time in getting your listings live.

You also have a feedback module that allows you to share any insights or recommendations with the team about how to improve the platform. We are monitoring this constantly and always love hearing from you!


The Nav Bar

No matter where you go on the site, you'll have the Navigation Bar on top. We've selected the links that we think will get the most usage. These may change over time depending on how we see the site getting used, but either way it serves as a navigational anchor for Maia.

Your basic Nav Bar items are:

  1. My Requests - where you can manage all your active requests to the staff

  2. Marketing Center - where all your marketing needs are met

  3. Broker Services - where you access all the necessary documents and help from admins

  4. reSOURCE - which links to the listing system you know and love

  5. Create Listing - where you can input a listing and save a lot of time in getting your listings live

Global Search


Within the Nav Bar you also have a Global Search Function. Within the search, you can look up almost anything on the platform.

For example, you can search by Case Number, Type of Request, or even File Name if you're looking for a document in the library.

Agent Profile Settings


You can adjust your profile settings for your account at any time. To access the menu, click your username in the upper right hand corner of the Nav Bar.

Instant Chat


​While automation makes everything easier, it doesn’t replace good ol’ fashioned human help! We want to make sure you have constant access to our team, wherever you are.

That’s where the chat function comes in. Across the entire site you will see the “Live Agent” instant chat feature (not to be confused with “Chatter”...).

Clicking on the tab will open a chat request with the admins from your office. Since the chat feature extends to mobile, you will have access to your support team any time you need it, whether in the office or on the fly.

That's all for this section! You can navigate to other helpful areas in the help center here: